Daisy Doesn’t Jump

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Princess Daisy is confined at the top of the Evil Tower. There is no way out but to go down to the very bottom of the castle. This time, Daisy doesn’t jump, she falls!Whether you like Doodle Jump or not, Daisy doesn’t Jumpis a must-play action game that offers even more fun, excitement and challenges.Game features & Special items:
– broken, harmful, directional, jumping and mini platforms.
– bubbles and magic mirrors for falling faster
– wings for life saving
– in game highest score markers

How to play
– Tilt to move left or right

Promised update
– More types of platforms, e.g. movable, rotating, invisible, etc.
– More types of special items, e.g. magic wine for turning into mini-Daisy, driller for destroying all platforms, etc.